Historic Preservation

Just as the awesome physical landscape of New Mexico demands special respect, so too does its unique cultural landscape. Appropriately, historic preservation is a major focus in the work of Kells + Craig. Our preservation work covers a wide spectrum, including documentation, study, analysis, restoration and renovation. Steven Kells, AIA is qualified to meet the standards of historic architect as established by the US Department of the Interior.

Documentation projects entail preparing measured drawings, and photography (by sub-contract). These projects can be produced to the exacting standards of the Historic American Buildings Survey when required. The firm has also prepared data for nominations to the National Register of Historic Places.

Preservation studies and analyses encompass the preparation of inventories, surveys and historic structure reports. The goal of these projects is to determine the condition of historic buildings, and to develop plans for their conservation and treatment. Among the more comprehensive of these projects have been a re-use study for Fort Stanton in Lincoln County, and exhaustive studies of the H.B. Ailman House in Silver City, New Mexico, and the Maxwell/Abreu House on the Philmont Scout Ranch.

Bricks and mortar projects have ranged from remedial repairs and stabilization, through renovations and additions, to comprehensive restorations. Renovation projects have included a wide variety of building types, ranging from houses and commercial buildings to churches, a bank, an art museum, and a theater.