Alamosa Center for Family and Community Services
City of Albuquerque
Phase I Completed: 1999
Cost: $3.5 million
Phase II Completed: 2001
Cost: $4.8 million

After conducting extensive research and evaluation, Kells + Craig Architects prepared a comprehensive master plan and program for the prototype facility that co-locates a number of different community services. To integrate these services and provide the maximum opportunity for shared uses, the design organizes them along a curved indoor street. A curving textured masonry wall, reminiscent of those at Chaco Canyon, defines the street. Light from a continuous skylight slot animates the wall throughout the course of the day and the year.

The building includes health and social services, administration, classrooms, meeting rooms, a branch library, a multipurpose room, a recreational center with a gymnasium, computer classrooms, arts and crafts rooms and a child development center.