Community Based Design

Building vibrant communities that nurture and sustain people is one of the architect's principal responsibilities. Our firm's community focus stems from our personal involvement in our community, both on a local and statewide level. We understand the values and aspirations on which our communities are based, and in our work, we seek to turn these principles into reality.

Community input is sought as a critical element in the design process of all projects. Projects, whether for the public or private sector, must gain broad public acceptance and support to be successful. Public meetings, presentations and written materials are tools we routinely use to build project consensus.

Our approach to community building is exemplified in the many community centered facilities designed by the firm. Among these projects are community centers, recreation facilities, parks, and community revitalization projects. Much of Kells + Craig's work involves renovation and historic preservation. We believe that just as buildings can be given new meaning and lives, so too can their communities.